Your imposter syndrome stands between you and a life of fulfillment.

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How facing my worst-case scenario made me realize the value in being upfront.

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And why it looks like I’m barely scraping by

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The road to hell is paved with racism — and coated with the blood of Indigenous women.

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And the sole difference between exclusivity and a committed relationship

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Fiction Friday

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As an Indigenous woman, I’m taking a deeper look into my potential fetish

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  • Joshua (2014): caucasian, dark brown hair, green eyes
  • Tyler (2016): caucasian, dark brown hair, green eyes
  • Bradlee (2018): caucasian, light brown hair, blue eyes
  • Spencer (on and off 2017–2019): caucasian, light brown hair, green eyes
  • Brian (2020): caucasian, blonde hair, blue eyes

Jasmine Freeman

Indigenous | Putting my trauma in a Google Doc | Check out my inconsistently updated podcast “The Human Kaleidoscope”!

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